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Frequently Asked Questions..

How much do the classes cost? What does £30 cover?
The first night is always free, we want you to come along and see how much fun this is and for you to want to do more, then you may pay a £10 deposit and the balance the week after (or the full amount if you prefer) for your £30, 6 week course. We can't accept dancers just turning up on odd weeks as we teach new content every week, to make it fair on everyone and to keep you all at the same level you have to join for a complete course.

Which Classes should I take? Are they all the same?
All the beginners classes we teach cover the same fundamental dance techniques. As you progress you'll learn different patterns as you progress through the levels, you'll always learn what you need to know! Many people take multiple classes each week to reinforce the learning process. Our absolute beginners classes are exactly 'what it says on the tin', no experience at all is necessary. If you can count to eight and know left from right we'll be able to teach you.

I've never danced, will I stand out? Will I look foolish?

No, you'll be surrounded by other people, like yourself, who have never danced. Now is the time to learn! Don't wait and don't put it off. Our absolute beginners classes cater for beginners and makes the learning process fun and simple. You will "get it" as will everyone else, and yes you'll enjoy it and get fit too.. also the social aspect of meeting new people is a great bonus.

Do I need a Partner?
No, We rotate partners in the class, and everyone will have ample partners. If we have an imbalance, extra people just wait in-between couples and will get a partner in a couple of minutes (we switch partners quite a bit during classes). We also do our best to have even classes.

I'm bringing someone, do I have to rotate partners?
Rotating partners is not solely for social reasons, it helps the learning process. It's necessary to properly learn how to lead and follow. Everyone has a different style and changing partners will greatly enhance the speed at which you learn. So changing partners is recommended.

Is this a singles class? Are there many singles there?
No, this is not a "singles" class, but there are a lot of single people taking salsa lessons. There are also many couples as well. It's a very casual and supportive atmosphere where everyone is having fun and learning how to dance.

Can I bring a group of people?
Absolutely! If you're nervous about taking a class simply invite your friends, they'll have a great time and you'll be able to practice together. A discount is available for bookings of six or more together, ask for a quote. You'll also be able to buy the Salsa music on CD to practice together at our classes.

What if I sign up for a session of classes and have to miss a class?
No problem, you can always practice more in the free dancing sessions after the classes when you can come, however we can't refund individual missed classes and if you've missed more than two or three you might find it hard to catch up..

What should I wear to class? Any special shoes to wear?
Most people come in casual wear, some dress up. Regardless, it's a dance class so you should be comfortable and presentable. You can never look too good, right? The only solid tip is to avoid wearing really grippy trainers, really high heels or 'flip-flops'. You will be turning on your feet and your foot will be spinning on the wooden floor, you need to wear shoes which allow this without straining your ankle. Casual style trainers are ok, but the more 'grippy' the sole the more difficult it will be.

Anything else I need to know about classes or how to prepare, what to bring?
Just bring yourself, your friends and the desire to learn and have fun. You'll have a great time!

What are three big tips for a Beginner dancer trying to learn the fastest way possible?
First, count out loud! it sounds daft at first but in the end you'll 'count in your head' instead and then before you know it you won't need to count anymore.. also take every opportunity to count and grasp the rhythm (by listening to the music in the car for example). Second, perhaps find a partner to practice with (you'll still rotate partners in the class, but outside of the class, you can practice with someone). Third - did I mention practice? The fastest way to learn is practice what you take on each week.

Have fun!

Important:  safety.

Responsibilities of Course tutor

I ultimately carry the responsibility for running the classes safely, I have public liability insurance as required by law. However, I cannot be held solely responsible for all member's actions. My responsibilities include: The safety of Sound and display equipment, cables and stands, informing the class of the location of fire exits/local hazards and informing the venue manager of any safety concerns.

Whilst teaching I also have responsibility for: Health and safety of course attendees, safe dance techniques, safe footwear, monitoring the overall exertion levels of students, taking drink breaks where necessary, making sure the membership form's 'Health' section is completed, read and understood.

Responsibilities of course members: To join any class or dancing activity you must agree to the following: Follow all safety guidance from venue staff, familiarise yourself with the venue's exits and procedures, wear flat comfortable shoes with non slip soles, consult and follow your doctor's advice regarding the suitability of these classes if you have any health issues or concerns, stay well in front of the stands, sound and display equipment at all times.
You must also regulate your exertion levels with regard to your own fitness and use our policy of "Time out anytime" (feel free to drop out of any lesson or party at any time if you feel you need to)  You must also make us aware of any health, disability or health and safety issues you have before you start dancing.

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